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Past Explorer Testimonials

Smiling Middle Aged Woman
This tour was an absolute delight for any traveler seeking a perfect blend of nature and culture.  Our guide, Adhi, elevated this experience to an unforgettable adventure.  His extensive knowledge, infectious enthusiasm, and impeccable storytelling added a whole new layer to each site we visited.

Basel, Jordan

Ankur, India

Adhi is a very nice driver and guide; he was polite and a gentleman, the BEST person I could have with our family on a trip to Tegenungan Waterfall, Rice Feilds, Swings, Water Temple and Tea Plantations.

Anne, Brunei

Today I went to see the best of Ubud with Adhi: Monkey Forest, Coffee Plantation, Rice Fields, Water Temple Ritual (was the highlight) and Ulu Petanu Waterfall (100 steps).  The whole experience was magical.  Adhi was so personable, nothing too much trouble, patient and very knowledgeable.  I would highly recommend the tour, safe driving in a great car.

Tonya, United Kingdom

Best trip in Bali.  Adhi was very accommodating and made me feel comfortable throughout.  He had a lot of knowledge on all the locations we went to and even added in the coffee plantation because we were doing well for time, which I'd highly recommend.  I'd definitely book again.

Velika, Ireland

We chose the all-inclusive option of this Ubud Tour, and it was the best choice we ever made, as we weren't waiting to pay admission fees anywhere.  Our guide was Adhi, and he was exceptionally nice.   He was very patient with us and going to our own speed.  His English was extremely good, and he explained to us so much about Balinese culture.  Even though we spent the whole day exploring around, we were not so tired.  If you are looking to explore Ubud, don't hesitate to book this tour, you will not regret it!

Jason, USA

We had such a great time with Adhi, he was so friendsly and informative regarding our destinations. His professionalism, friendly demeanor, and genuine passion for his job truly set him apart.  He tailored the experience to our interests which made the tour feel personalized and left us with a deep appreciation for Ubud's rich heritage.  Without a doubt, Adhi transformed a great day into an extraordinary one, creating memories that will last a lifetime. I would 100% recommend this tour to my friends and family.

Gabrielle, Italy

If you're thinking about this tour, just book it, you won't regret it!  Adhi, our tour guide, was so informative, we learned so much about Balinese culture and Adhi is so friendly.  He went out of his way to help in any way.  We started with the Monkey Forest (I'm scared of monkeys, but Adhi came and made me feel safe.  I'm so glad I got to experience the Forest; it was so beautiful!) Then we went to the Rice Paddies (which were so cool!), a coffee plantation with the famous Luwak coffee, then the Water Temple. We asked Adhi to take us to an easy access waterfall for my mother and he delivered. 

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